We’re in the business of strengthening brands by improving customer connections. Helping companies refocus on their purpose, we create brand stories and customer experiences that show up where and how those customers make connections with a company. 

We support companies in achieving greater value by guiding them to adopt a culture shift to customer centricity. To facilitate the shift, we reset the company focus on the needs of the customer and in response, support process change across the organization. Through use of an approach that aligns client companies to this way of thinking and operating, we gain customer loyalty and improve customer retention.

We believe:

  • If a company no longer practices its purpose, it’s lost its soul and its ability to connect with customers.

  • As emotional beings, customers consciously or unconsciously seek out abilities to create connections with brands.

  • If a company doesn't operate according to what its customers expect, its success potential is limited.

We are business minded strategic partners in customer advocacy and brand building.

Why Focus on the Customer?

According to research conducted by global consulting firm, McKinsey & Company, 90 percent of senior executives surveyed in 2016 confirmed that customer experience (CX) is one of the top three priorities of their CEOs. To support the need to focus on customer experience, the firm's research has also shown that for every 10 percentage point improvement of customer satisfaction, a company can increase revenue by two to three percent.   

How Does this Build the Brand?

A brand builds loyalty by being true to its purpose and its promise to customers. Rather than promoting a product or service, we help a company become present to how it truly serves the outcomes its customers expect. We extend that awareness to employees and assist leaders in empowering their teams to become brand advocates. By operating consciously, driven by what matters to the customer, we help companies cultivate meaningful and long lasting relationships with customers. Through this process, the brand is fortified and the company grows. 

For more than a decade, we’ve supported brands – from start up to legacy businesses – through a range of integrated marketing and communications practices. The common goal across all brands served has been to better connect with stakeholders and ultimately, achieve greater growth. 

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