The FACTOR Approach

Connecting Purpose + Practice

We build and strengthen brands.  Other firms say the same thing.  The FACTOR approach is different.  

We help brands reset their focus.  Rather than simply promoting products or service, we help companies establish a brand story that highlights why it exists.  Your company will grow faster by operating with purpose, practicing this in all the ways the brand connects with the consumer.  

The current challenges any company experiences is varied.  As such, the details of how we engage with a client is dependent upon its circumstances and goals.  Regardless of the details, we typically guide clients through these steps: 

  1.  Focus:  Break free from thinking that products or services can define the company.  In today's economy, what a company offers is rarely a differentiator.

  2.  Renew:  Foster a culture that celebrates the purpose of the company.  This is where the true heart of the company lies and should be at the center of the brand story.

  3.  Engage Empower company leaders and staff to embody the purpose and truly understand how this becomes the brand identity.  Convey this in all interactions to enable partners and customers to have an emotional connection with the brand.

  4.  Deliver:  Looking from the outside in, uncover and implement ways to improve all end-to-end customer experiences.  Showing up where and how your customers expect builds greater relevance, longer lasting loyalty and sustainable growth.

We help nurture your employees into brand ambassadors in action, not just in spirit. Together, we'll find a way to tell your brand story consistently and with impact. 

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