Abbey O'Neal, ACXP, ESPA

As a business-minded brand partner and communications specialist, Abbey has worked for more than a decade with various sized companies to provide support ranging from strategic communications to customer experience planning to brand and reputation management. Having started her career in public relations, Abbey's approach to her work for clients is rooted in authenticity and transparency.

Partnering with company leaders, Abbey helps to align clients' business priorities to stakeholder needs. Serving to maintain focus on the intended result of any business goal, she occasionally plays the role of project manager, keeping the organization on track through execution of strategic initiatives. Appreciated by clients as a provider of solutions, she constantly looks for ways to recognize greater efficiencies and improved impact as a result of any initiative.

Past clients refer to her as the conscience of the company. Helping to reveal the 'why' behind any strategic priority, Abbey is passionate about building client brand reputation and nurturing customer satisfaction. Her work with any specific client varies to match the need, and typically includes a combination of her specialties. 

Specialties include:

  • Customer Experience (CX) planning & implementation
  • Brand strategy & reputation management
  • Business process innovation
  • Public relations strategy
  • Communications strategy & implementation
  • Brand ambassador training
  • Marketing planning & implementation
  • Content strategy & optimization
  • Analyst & investor relations

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